All Things COVID

We appreciate the patience of the community as we move forward with caution for everyone’s health and safety.

26 October 2021:  Following the updated Covid protocols for the State of Louisiana, Bishop Duca has issued this letter to all the Faithful of the Diocese of Baton Rouge.

In summary:

  1. Face masks are no longer required in places of worship or indoors in parish facilities. However, the wearing of face masks remains a reasonable choice for those who judge themselves to be vulnerable.
  2. Similarly, the wearing of face masks in Catholic Schools is now optional. However, the “social distance” protocol remains in effect as well as the limitation on visitors to any school campus.

For St. Peter Chanel in particular, this means the weekday School Mass remains closed to family member and the public.

  1. It is recommended that priests and deacons continue to wear face masks during the Entrance and Recessional Processions at Mass. Especially, all clergy and extra-ordinary Eucharistic ministers will continue to wear face masks when distributing Holy Communion at Mass or to the sick or home-bound.

Because Covid is still active, still contagious, and potentially deadly, all people are encouraged to take all reasonable precautions to avoid contracting and/or spreading the virus.  We pray for no more surges!


Why wear a Face mask?


The complete letter from Bishop Duca from 4 March 2021 can be read here.

The Gradual Lifting of Covid-19 Protocols, Version 2 (click here)


The following links will get to you the needed information.


Bishop Duca’s January 17, 2021, letter asking for renewed vigilance against the corona virus



Whenever attending Mass – Sunday, weekday, funeral, wedding, or other – everyone is still expected to wear a face mask while in the church building

Funeral Masses starting 1 June 2021


Please remember Bishop Duca has stated:

Bishop Duca will reinstate the obligation to attend Sunday Masses effective the weekend of June 5th and 6th. Mask protocols are still required at all Masses. 

Click here to find the link to website Masses.  Continue to use the St. Alphonsus “Spiritual Communion” prayer while watching the Mass or even as part of your personal daily prayer.

For churches, the protocol stays at 75% of capacity.  However, our churches must maintain the 6 foot social distance protocol as well. 

Recently we have seen maximum capacity in live Mass participation. You should get to church early to make certain you have a seat.


Mass Virus-Safety Protocols

1.   Every person must wear a face      mask the entire time you are in       church; there are no exceptions.

2.   Every person must obey the 6 ft. social-distance rule, at all times: in the church; entering or leaving       church; and even in the parking lot.

3.   Only pew seats marked with Blue Tape can be used.  Do not sit in       non-designated pew seats.


     Saturday Vigils:     4:00PM     St. Joseph, Paulina

                                  6:00PM     Sacred Heart, Gramercy

    Sunday:                 8:00AM     St. Michael, Convent

                                 10:00AM    St. Joseph, Paulina

                                 5:00PM      Sacred Heart, Gramercy

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday:

                                  7:00AM     Prompt Succor, Lutcher

     Wednesday:         5:30PM     Prompt Succor, Lutcher


     Saturday              3:00PM    St. Joseph, Paulina

     Sunday                7:00AM     St. Michael, Convent

                                 4:00PM     Sacred Heart, Gramercy