St. Joseph Cemetery Crucifix Restoration

           Fr. Constantin Chauve, S.M., remains in the hearts of St. Joseph parishioners, and is responsible for so much of what St. Joseph Parish is today.  Fr. Chauve’s cross – as soon as those words are spoken, parishioners know we mean the knotted thorn tree cross – is carved into the pews of the church and can be found in many more places.  But its most special place is in the center of St. Joseph Cemetery, fittingly above Fr. Chauve’s tomb itself.

           Sadly, this hand-carved wood cross is in need of serious repair for it to remain the center piece of our cemetery and the tribute to the memory of Fr. Chauve.  We are looking for donations to cover this extra cost to the parish.  We have one estimate already, of nearly $30,000.00, to do the work!  Fortunately, we have several parish-ioners looking into other means of restoration which might not run as high.  Donations will be needed all the same.

           If you would like to contribute to the restoration of the cemetery crucifix, please make the check payable to “St. Joseph Catholic Church,” and on the note line of your check, indicate: “Cemetery Crucifix Restoration.”  All donations will be recorded as contributions to St. Joseph Parish’s Building and Maintenance Fund, but will be used exclusively for Fr. Chauve’s cemetery cross.

           Thank you,

                     Fr. Vincent

CrucifixCrucifix damageCrucifix Side Damage