Spiritual Life & Worship


Stipends are a way to support the practical costs of celebrating the Sacrifice of the Mass. It is a pious tradition which helps to insure that churches will have the priests and resources necessary for the Eucharist to continue.

The Mass Stipend Policy can be found here.



Carol Ann Rome  (SM)  562-3219

Missy Laurent (SH) 869-5751

Marie Kliebert (SJ) 869-3504 (Lutcher Area)

Nelson Roques (SJ) 869-8644 (Paulina Area)

Lay Ministers of the Eucharist bring Holy Communion to those who cannot make it to church. When a parishioner is sick or homebound and wishes to receive Holy Communion, they may contact the persons listed above to set up a time for visitation.



Karen Poirrier 869-8344

Parish ministers visit with Catholic patients in St. James Parish Hospital to offer prayers, support, and bring Holy Communion as a sign of the unity of our Church with those who are seriously ill.



Jay Bienvenu 869-5232 (Chairman)

Martha Nosacka 869-3714

Geraldine Hoover   562-7169

Carol Amato  869-3647

The Marist Laity is the lay branch of the Society of Mary. The very first members having been received at St. Michael Church in 1891. There is a strong spiritual focus on drawing on the Spirit of Mary pointing to Christ to “do whatever he tells you.



Nancy Cashio     869-8124

This group promotes the praying of the Rosary in October and May. They also assist with the May Crowning in our parishes.



Amanda Berthelot   869-5751

The spiritual messages are designed to provide faith-life nourishment and resources for those in need. The notes are located in all of our churches.



at Our Lady of Prompt Succor Chapel, Lutcher

Jason Amato 869-8347

Brent Duhon 504-234-3091

Bobby Lear     225-206-3118

Spiritual life is nurtured and strengthened by spending time in prayerful silence before Our Lord present in the Most Blessed Sacrament. Parishioners are encouraged to dedicate themselves to spend one hour a week in prayer in the Perpetual Adoration Chapel. Individuals can come to the Chapel at any time; it is open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.



Nancy Cashio (SH) 869-8124

Geraldine Hoover (SM) 562-7129

Etta Ruiz (SJ) 869-8425

Marcy St. Pierre (SJ) 869-9820

Parishioners pray for the special needs of fellow parishioners during times of illness and other crisis. To join the prayer line ministry or have someone added to those receiving prayers, please contact one of the people listed above.  Please ask permission of the person you are placing on the prayer line.



The life of our parish and nourishment of those in ministry are the special focus of this committee that seeks out speakers and opportunities to deepen the spiritual and religious life of our parishioners.  Our next parish mission is February 18-20, 2024 at Sacred Heart Church in Gramercy.  Fr. Michael Champagne will preach the mission each evening from 6:30PM to 8:00PM.



Eucharistic Revival--we will be forming small groups during the Advent season to review "This is My Body" by Bishop Robert Barron.  Please watch for more information.

Other Small Faith Groups/Bible Study Groups will continue to meet during the year for the faith-life nourishment and support of Catholic Christians who seek to root their lives in God’s Word and support one another in living our faith.



Novena - Carol Ann Rome 562-3219

Every Tuesday the parishioners have the opportunity to pray the Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help afterwards.  The rosary starts at 4PM.



Women’s Ultreya - Becky Kilburn 225-200-5913

Men’s Ultreya - Ronnie Lear    225-206-0752

An Ultreya is a Spanish word meaning “onward.” It is the coming together of smaller groups of Cursillistas who meet and encourage one another to persevere on their Fourth Day. The Women’s Ultreya meet monthly on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM at the Lutcher Chapel, with the rosary at 6:30 PM.   They also meet twice a month at Holy Rosary in St. Amant at 7:00PM with the rosary at 6:30PM.  The Men’s Ultreya meet weekly at 7:00 PM every Monday at the Lutcher Chapel, with the rosary at 6:30PM.



Stephanie Coenen

This group is a Bible Study for women in their 30's and 40's, offering the opportunity to explore, share, and learn more about their relationship with the Trinity and how to live as Christ taught.  A new Bible Study book and topic is chosen approximately each quarter of the year.  Meetings are held on Wednesdays at 6:30pm in the Sacred Heart PSR building and end by 8:00pm.  Women attending are welcome to make as many of the meetings as they would like and should not be deterred from participating if they cannot make meetings consistently. If interested in attending, please contact stephaniefitzmorris25@gmail.com for further information.