Parish Liturgy Committees

Each parish has a Liturgy Committee to help plan liturgical celebrations which express and manifest to others the mystery of Christ and the nature of the Church.

Sacred Heart Parish: Martha Nosacka 869-3714

St. Joseph Parish: Gail Grob 869-5842

St. Michael Parish: Kathleen Canatella 562-3966


The Liturgical Ministry Instructions can be found here.

Liturgy & Choir Calendar 2020-21



Wayne Hymel (SM) 562-7157

Donna Waguespack (SJ) & (SH) 869-5751

This group of young men and women assist our parish priests in the celebration of the Eucharist. The youth of our parish have much to offer the parish community, and in this service they have the opportunity to learn and grow in involvement in our parish worship. Boys and girls in seventh though twelfth grade may be altar servers.


ALTAR SOCIETY at St. Joseph:

Judy Pollet 869-8284

The Altar Society takes care of the linens, cleaning of the sanctuary, and is responsible for the purchase and maintenance of supplies needed for worship.



Throughout the year the parish community is graced by the talents and commitments of its choir members. Their devotion to music as a means of enhancing the liturgy is a gift to the entire parish and its friends. In addition to assisting with the Sunday liturgies, members of the choirs often join with others to sing for funerals.


St. Michael

6:00 PM Kathleen Canatella 562-3966

7:00 AM Carrie Luersen 869-9018


St. Joseph

4:00 PM Lynette Poche 869-5675 &

Colby Chabaud 225-363-6823

9:00 AM Madeline Berthelot 869-5097

Kim Minvielle 869-4494


Sacred Heart

11:00 AM Julie Boudreaux 869-5898 &

      Susanne Roussel 869-3555

5:00 PM Zedra Thomas



Cathy St. Pierre (LC) 869-8217

Rachelle Oubre (SJ) 869-5751

Jeannette Granier (SH) 869-5324

They clean and vacuum our churches for the good of the parish family who will worship there.  Persons interested in helping in any of the parishes can call the Pastoral Center and speak with the parish secretary.



Vanessa Louque (SH) 972-333-2880

Charmaine Ordeneaux (SJ) 869-8638

Adine Hymel (SM) 562-7157

Grace Perniciaro (LC) 869-8155

There are many occasions during the year when decorations in the church add to the spirit of the celebration. Special arrangements, banners, and other aspects of decor are important to those who gather here for worship.




These ministers assist in the distribution of the Eucharist on Sunday and weekdays. Some also assist in bringing Holy Communion to the Homebound and to the Hospital (which is listed under the Spiritual Life Commission). Some also serve on Sunday as greeters. Their expression of a warm welcome is a statement to visitors of the warmth and generosity of our parish community.



In proclaiming the Word of God at the Sunday and weekday liturgies, lectors serve to bring God’s message to our ears and to our hearts that we may serve Him more fully in our daily lives.



Cindy Oubre (SH) 869-5236

Gail Grob (LC) 869-5842

Joyce Lambert (SJ) 869-5496

Deacon Alfred (SM) 562-3255

The sacristans prepare the altar and sanctuary for the celebration of the Eucharist. This ministry is responsible for the care of the sacred vessels and vestments, setting out linens, replacement of candles, etc. Their service prepares the setting for a beautiful and smooth liturgy.



Brent Zeringue (SJ) 869-9372

These men and women welcome, assist in seating, and help in taking up the collection at Mass. They also assist the parishioners in presenting the gifts.