The Search


24 May 2020

Episode 3 is now available. 

Episode 1 and 2 may be difficult to watch as a free version.


18 May 2020

Who are you?

Have you ever felt so small as compare to the universe or even compared to the world we live in.  We constantly compare this smallness of ourselves and instantly place ourselves as being totally insignificance. Even in our smallness, you and I are one of a kind in the entire universe and we are more than our biological self. Think about what do you think are the odds of you and me being here at this particular time and this particular space right now?  The slightest little change can make all the difference in our lives and in the world.  What if our parents decided they did not want any children?  That one small decision, would loom large in our eyes and would have a significate impact.  I am sure most of us wonder at one time or another what if I had turn left instead of right.   Watch “The Search” on FORMED and discover some of those answers.  Episode 2 is now available.

Not registered on FORMED?  Just go to our website and click on FORMED to register, as a member of a parish search for East St James.  “The Search” is a limited series and a new episode comes out each Friday.   

Deacon Sam 


11 May 2020

Good Day Everyone.

Hope and pray this finds you all well and in good spirits.  Just wanted to drop you a line about a new program on FORMED.  It it called "The Search" and our familiar lecturer is Dr. Gray who we enjoy so much from our study of St. Mark's Gospel.  The first episode is presently available on their website and I have just finish watching it somewhat hesitantly.  You know what they say, the Lord always pushes us to where he wants us to be and boy was he pushing and  I was totally blown away by the content. Surprise, surprise!  The video asks us to take a look at what really makes us happy and what drives us to look for the next bigger, better thing.  It drives home the question of "What do you seek"?   If you get a chance during this quarantine to take a look at the first episode you will be surprise just as I was.  The video's are anywhere from 25 to 30 minutes.  New  episodes will be released each Friday, beginning with the second one next week. Anyone with a FORMED account will have free access. However, they have not yet decided how long the free access to an episode will extend, before it needs to be rented or purchased.  So don't delay.  Set a reminder on Friday's so you do not miss out and let your family, friends and neighbors know about it.  If you are not registered on FORMED just go to our web site and click on the FORMED, (register under a parish, search for East St James).  Remember it is free.  

May God Bless

Deacon Sam