Bishops' Voter Guide

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops:

A Letter to Catholic Citizens of the United States – a “must read” for all morally aware voters.


This 2019 limited revision of Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship includes a new Introductory Letter and gives pastoral guidance to help Catholics in the United States exercise their political responsibility well. The Introductory Letter responds to new social and political developments in the United States, especially with regard to respect for human life and dignity, as well as the ongoing guidance and teachings of Pope Francis. The content of Part I, II, and III of this teaching document remains unchanged from the 2015 statement. This revision also includes a new Prayer for Faithful Citizenship. This important document on political responsibility, read in its totality, will guide Catholics as they discern how to be faithful citizens. Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship continues to present to the Catholic faithful, and all those of good will, an up-to-date guide to help form consciences as they participate in the civil order and public life. This guide is available through USCCB publications at

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