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Saturday, May 16, 2020, marks the beginning of Phase 1 Reopening for our church parishes.  For details, please read Bishop Duca’s letter to the Diocese of Baton Rouge, and read Fr. Vincent’s letter and/or watch his video under News & Events on the bottom half of our Home page here.

Mass Virus-Safety Protocols

25% occupancy limit

1.   Every person must wear a face

      mask the entire time you are in

      church; there are no exceptions.

2.   Every person must obey the 6 ft.

      social-distance rule, at all times:

      in the church; entering or leaving

      church; and even in the parking lot.

3.   Only pew seats marked with Blue

      Tape can be used.  Do not sit in

      non-designated pew seats.


     Saturday Vigils:     4:00PM     St. Joseph, Paulina

                                   6:00PM     St. Michael, Convent

     Sunday:     7:00AM     St. Michael, Convent

                       9:00AM     St. Joseph, Paulina

                     11:00AM     Sacred Heart, Gramercy

                       5:00PM     Sacred Heart, Gramercy

     Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday:

                       8:15AM     Prompt Succor, Lutcher


                       5:45AM    Prompt Succor, Lutcher

                       5:15PM     Prompt Succor, Lutcher


Please remember Bishop Duca has stated:

                     The Sunday Mass obligation continues to be dispensed for all Catholics indefinitely.


Click here to find the link to website Masses.  Continue to use the St. Alphonsus “Spiritual Communion” prayer while watching the Mass or even as part of your personal daily prayer.

Please also remember, Fr. Vincent has recommended:     One Mass per week for every Catholic able to attend!

Choose a weekday Mass if you can during this 25% limitation so those who are only free on weekends will have a chance to receive Holy Communion again.

For those still not comfortable returning to Mass:

St. Michael Church in Convent, and Prompt Succor Chapel in Lutcher, will be OPEN for private prayer with the Blessed Sacrament on Sundays only, from 8:00 am to 12 Noon.  Please observe church protocols while visiting the church for prayer.


Reconciliation is currently not available before any of the Masses.


     Saturday     10:00AM to 11:00AM     Prompt Succor, Lutcher                                                2:00PM to 3:00PM        Prompt Succor, Lutcher

     Sunday        2:00PM to 3:00PM         Prompt Succor, Lutcher

The Pastoral Center has reopened with regular office hours.  However, anyone coming to the office must wear a face mask.  Please consider handling business by phone of e-mail


Go here for Spirituality during these trying times


St Michael

6476 Highway 44
Convent, LA
established 1831

 St Joseph

2130 Rectory St (Hwy 44)
Paulina, LA
established 1900

 Sacred Heart

615 Main St, 
Gramercy, LA
established 1961

Weekend Schedule
Vigil Mass 6:00 PM

Mass 7:00 AM
Confession 8:00 - 8:30 AM



Weekend Schedule
Confession 3:00 - 3:50 PM

Vigil Mass 4:00 PM

Mass 9:00 AM


Weekend Schedule
Mass 11:00 AM,

Confession 4:00 - 4:50 PM

Mass 5:00 PM

Our Lady of Prompt Succor Chapel

3250 Louisiana Avenue
Lutcher, LA
established 1927

Weekday Schedule 

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8:15 AM (Lutcher)

Wednesday 5:45 AM, 5:15 PM (Lutcher)

Friday (During School) 8:00 AM (Paulina)
           (Holidays & Summer) 8:15 AM (Lutcher)

News & Events

The St James Community Blood Drive will be held at the St Peter Chanel Cafeteria from 8 AM to 3 PM. See the flyer here. You should call for an appointment before going. Call 800-86 BLOOD (800-862-5663) or online here.

Fr Vincent's reflection on Pentecost Sunday

Fr Vincent's reflection on Ascension of Our Lord

Bishop Duca’s May 11, 2020 General Directive regarding Phase I reopening

Fr Vincent's video and Fr. Vincent’s letter

on May 12, 2020 regarding Phase I for our cluster


The Search

Further Information about religious services to parishioners:


Baptisms can be scheduled on a “family-by-family” outside of Masses currently.  Please contact Mrs. Missy Laurent at the Pastoral Center


We are still restricted to cemetery Burial Rites with the family of the deceased only until further notice.  Please contact your Funeral Home and the Pastoral Center to coordinate these services.


We are still restricted to Wedding Rituals without Mass, only with immediate family in attendance until further notice.  Please contact Deacon Alfred Adams for details.


The priests are still limited to “danger of death” situations at this time.  However, any questions or concerns should be addressed directly to Fr. Vincent Dufresne, pastor.

Due to the Coronavirus and following the recommendation of the Baton Rouge St Vincent DePaul Council in order to protect our Vincentians and our Clients/Customers, the St. Vincent DePaul Thrift Stores in Lutcher will be closing for the duration of this pandemic.
We will strive to operate our Food Pantry on our designated days taking into account the health and well-being of our volunteers and clients. We will continue to provide emergency services as need through the Catholic Church Pastoral Center at 225-869-5751 or St. Vincent DePaul at 225-869-1078 leaving a message. We will notify the public when we are able to reopen. Please hold all donations until we reopen.

Job Opening at the Pastoral Center in Paulina: Secretary/Receptionist, 32 hours per week. Applicant must be computer proficient and capable of self-motivated work. Resume should include prior work history and what talents you bring to your pastoral office ministry. Bring resume to the Pastoral Center or mail to: Fr. Vincent Dufresne, PO Box 129, Paulina, LA 70763.
Please Note: Interviews remain delayed until business becomes a bit more normal.  ALL applications are being held; no hiring decision has been made and will not be made until normal operations resume.



At mass on Safe-Haven Sunday Fr. Alec mentioned the age appropriate age-specific conversation guides described in the book EQUIPPED. Since the information was not available by using the link, we have posted the conversation here.


Sacred Heart Church is in need of volunteers to clean the church. Anyone interested should contact the Pastoral Center, 225-869-5751.

Are you between the ages of 18-30 and have been longing for a deeper relationship with God, but don't know where to start or searching for friends with the same passion for Christ?? Join the River Road Catholics Young Adult Ministry for an opportunity to grow closer to God through prayer, worship, community, bible study, service, and friendship. Visit our Facebook for more information: River Road Catholics YAM.

For the Stewardship of Ministry page click here 

You can now learn about and join the Knights of Columbus online at


FORMED has gone through some changes and is getting rave reviews. Check out the new website and all it has to offer.

Please sign up for FORMED by clicking the icon and finding the parish of East St James 

Then watch the feature video for this weeks reading. During the Homily you will hear how the Readings and the videos promote God's Plan. Also check out the recommended topics for each month. 


Mailing Address

Our Mailing Address 

Pastoral Center 
PO Box 129

2130 Rectory Street
Paulina, LA 70763-0129

Office Hours

M-F 8am-4pm

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