From the beginning we have heard and repeated this truth:  the common face mask does not protect the wearer from the virus.  It is meant, in case we are carriers, to help protect the people around us.  Sadly, some have turned the wearing/not wearing of a face mask into a political issue of liberty versus government control.  Allow me to say, I would never want to infringe on a person’s freedom to be self-determining; in fact, that is a moral right for every mature person.  I believe that I am not a carrier of the coronavirus; however, I do not have 100% certainty that I am not merely asymptomatic.  Therefore, not because I am “ordered” to wear it, but because I believe it is my Christian responsibility to care for the well-being of others that I choose to wear a face mask.  It is bothersome and inconvenient to say the least, but every other person around me, friend or stranger, deserves me to treat them with care and concern.  So wearing a mask shows respect for others.  I do not mean to “shame” anyone into wearing a mask, but I do believe in the common decency of church-going Christians.  So I am simply reminding everyone that Christians traditionally forego personal freedom in order to show love and respect for others; the virtue of respect is a higher reason to do good regardless of what it costs us personally.