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St. Michael,  St. Joseph and Sacred Heart

Administration Commission

Ministerial Commissions
Cluster Council

All parish ministries are collected into four ministerial commissions. The Commissions and their organizations, groups, and ministries are listed on the Parish Organizational Chart. Each Commission names three of its members to form the 12 member Cluster Council. The Cluster Council assists communication between the Commissions and their ministries fostering inter-parish and inter-organization activities. They assist in goal-setting for the Cluster so resources can be best utilized for the benefit of all parishes and parishioners.

Community Life

The Community Life Commission focuses on the social needs and interaction of our parishes, how we gather to celebrate life and faith.  It includes, but is not limited to, parish organizations,  celebrations, festivals and picnics.

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Faith Formation

The Faith Formation Commission focuses on the sharing and development of the Catholic faith and how we pass on our faith from one generation to the next.  It includes  the religious education classes at all levels, SPC school, adult education, sacremental programs, and the RCIA.

Social Outreach

The Social Outreach Commission focuses on how we serve our parish families and even the larger community beyond who have special needs; we see all people as a part of Christ’s body.   It includes support groups, blood drives, Elizabeth Ministry, prison ministry, respect life, and St Vincent de Paul.

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Spiritual Life and Worship

The Spiritual Life and Worship Commission focuses on our prayerful relationship with God through the Church. It can be in the grand context of total community prayer in the Liturgy or through unique small groups or individual experiences.  It includes homebund and hospital ministry, small faith groups, retreat and missions,  prayer  lines and the adoration chapel.

Parish Liturgy Committees

Each parish has a Liturgy Committee to help plan liturgical celebrations which express and manifest to others the mystery of Christ and the nature of the Church.  This includes all litugical ministries.  Ministers schedules  can be  found at ths link:  Liturgy

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